OAS observer praises electoral process

Written by JamaicaElections.com

The Organisation of American States (OAS), observer team has given its endorsement to yesterday’s polls.

OAS Deputy Secretary General Albert Ramdin who lead the mission praised all stakeholders: voters; the electoral authorities; political leaders and security forces.

The 38-member OAS team visited 53 of the 60 constituencies throughout the country.

“These accredited observers had unfettered access to the polling stations and counting centres, meeting with many authorities, party agents and voters alike,” read the statement, issued several minutes ago.

Other OAS observations:

  • The EOJ was able to recover from Hurricane Dean.
  • Security was adequate
  • Election Day workers manned the polls.
  • Most polls opened on time.
  • Almost without exception, voters found their names on the voters list and were able to vote.
  • Voters without adequate ID were verified alternatively;
  • However this slowed voting
  • Violence and murders were reported during the campaign.
  • The Election Centre with the participation of stakeholders, decreased tension

The OAS will continue to monitor the post-election period and on Thursday, Mr. Ramdin will present a more comprehensive verbal report to the Organisation’s Permanent Council in Washington, D.C.

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