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JLP gain extra seat
In the meantime the Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ) is reporting that the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) has now won 32 of the 60 seats to the 28 won by the People’s National Party (PNP).

Director of Elections Danville Walker says the PNP’s South St. James Seat has been lost by Derrick Kellier to the JLP’s Noel Donaldson.

Recount latest
The EOJ is transporting the ballots from five marginal constituencies to be counted in Kingston.

The ballots are coming from the constituencies of East and West Hanover, St. James South, Manchester Central and South East St. Mary.

In the preliminary count indicates that in Hanover Western, the PNP’s Ian Halyes polled 7 thousand 116 votes to the 7 thousand and 69 by the JLP’s Donovan Hamilton.

In Hanover Eastern, the PNP’s D.K. Duncan received 6,053 votes to the 5,996 polled for the JLP’s Barrington Grey.

Meanwhile in West St. James the PNP’s Derrick Kellier received 6,002 votes to the 5, 816 received by the JLP’s Noel Donaldson.

In Central Manchester, the PNP’s Peter Bunting edged out the JLP’s Sally Porteous by polling 8,460 to her 8,253.

In South East St. Mary, the PNP’s Harry Douglas polled 6,960 votes to the 6,914 received by Tarn Peralto of the JLP.

The JLP’s Member of the Electoral Commission, Tom Tavares Finson says the recounting of the ballots of the five seats will begin shortly.

JCC on new government
The Jamaica Chamber of Commerce (JCC) wants the new government to allow the private sector to play a greater role in governance.

JCC President Mark Myers says the Chamber is expecting that within the first one hundred days of its administration the new government will involve his organisation.

The Chamber has for sometime been advocating for its members as well as members of civic society groups to be involved in a social partnership with the government.

In the meantime Mr. Myers says he expects that the composition of the new government will facilitate a higher level of consultation.

JFJ on new government
In the meantime Executive Director of  Human Rights Group Jamaicans For Justice (JFJ) Dr. Carolyn Gomes says the new JLP government has a responsibility to chart the way towards achieving a unified country.
She has also expressed disappointment in the manner in which PNP President Portia Simpson-Miller refused to concede defeat last night, which she is still yet to do.

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