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Golden Hour - Bruce Takes Office Today

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

wednesday.jpgOrette Bruce Golding, leader of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) will today be sworn in as Jamaica’s eighth Prime Minister by Governor-General Professor Kenneth Hall on the lawns of King’s House.

Mr. Golding, who is expected to make some pivotal decisions immediately after receiving his Instrument of Office from the Governor General, met yesterday with several key advisers at JLP headquarters on Belmont Road, New Kingston.

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Destiny delayed - Golding must wait

Friday, September 7th, 2007

friday.jpegThe country might have to wait until late next week before Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) leader Bruce Golding is sworn in as the country’s next Prime Minister after leading his party to victory in the September 3 general election.

With election-related violence ongoing, winning People’s National Party (PNP) candidate for South East St. Andrew, Maxine-Henry Wilson is calling on the JLP leadership to reign in their supporters, whom she blames for political violence in her constituency.

Meanwhile police are seeking Newton ‘George Phang’ Horne, brother of Norman Horne, the People’s National Party (PNP) caretaker for South East St. Elizabeth, in connection with multiple counts of shooting with intent and illegal possession of firearm and ammunition.

Another shift in results: JLP 33-27 PNP

Thursday, September 6th, 2007

thursday.jpegCount so far ….

808,240 persons voted, or 60.4 per cent of the little more than 1.3 million Jamaicans who were eligible to vote.

Of this number the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) polled 405,215, the People’s National Party (PNP) received 402,275, the National Democratic Movement (NDM) got 540 while the other groups polled a total of 110 votes.

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Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

wednesday.jpegThe election is still with us. People’s National Party (PNP) President Portia Simpson Miller conceded defeat to the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) just last night, the new government is yet to take office and many voters remain stuck with that indelible ink on their fingers.

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EXTRA: Gleaner Election News, Tuesday September 4

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

tuesday1.jpegGOLDING’S march to Jamaica House
If anything, the victory by the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) in yesterday’s general election only serves to reaffirm what some pundits have long been saying: that Bruce Golding is Jamaica’s luckiest politician alive today.

Blunder steals Portia’s thunder
Decades from now, historians will have trouble fathoming why Portia Simpson Miller - with her approval ratings at a stratospheric level - did not call an election shortly after taking over from P.J. Patterson as leader.

Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ) under fire for missing names
The Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ) has come under fire for a failure to ensure, as promised, that the names of electors would not be left off the voters’ list during yesterday’s election proceedings in Central Manchester.

Enthusiasm out west
The energy which had been building throughout the election campaign culminated in much enthusiasm in western Jamaica yesterday as thousands of voters turned out to exercise their franchise in Jamaica’s 15th general election since universal adult suffrage in 1944.

Golden agers take the time
Two senior citizens, John Kelley, 87, and his wife, Tilida, 92, of Newlands, Yallahs, St. Thomas, participated yesterday in the country’s 15th general election.

Violence rocks SE ‘St Bess’
Voting got off to a smooth start amid tight Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) security at the B.B. Coke High School in Junction, South East St. Elizabeth, with persons arriving at the polling stations from before 6:00 a.m. Polling officially started at 9:00 a.m.

T-shirts ‘glam up’ election fashion
Jamaican women are fashionable, but women from inner-city communities are known to take fashion to a whole new level.

Supporters ‘party’ in friendly rivalry
Despite reports of political intimidation and shootings in some constituencies in the Corporate Area, there were still many scenes of jubilation and friendly rivalry among supporters of the nation’s two major political parties yesterday.

Observers Ok polls
With the exception of shooting incidents in the South East St. Andrew and Central Manchester constituencies, and the attempted theft of a ballot box in St. Ann, two observer groups considered yesterday’s general election relatively free and fair.

Daily Gleaner Election News, Tuesday September 4

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

tuesday.jpegBruce edges out Portia
The Bruce Golding-led Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) defied even the prophets yesterday to eke out its first general election win in 18 years; but the close victory triggered immediate controversy as Prime Minister and PNP President Portia Simpson Miller refused to concede.

Terror reigns after results announced
Terror reigned last night for hours after the election results were announced with several reports of volleys of gunshots in the Corporate Area and parts of St. Catherine. Police confirmed that two soldiers were shot and injured last night.

Electronic glitch causes voting hitch
The Electronic Identification of the Voter and Ballot Issuing System (EIVBIS) yesterday delayed voting in some constituencies. The system, which was used for the first time in a general election, identifies the elector electronically and issues the ballot to the voter.

Shooting incidents mar voting in St. Catherine and Kingston
Voting was yesterday marred by at least three shooting incidents in Kingston and St. Catherine. Two of the incidents were actions of intimidation by gunmen, while, in the third, a district constable discharged his firearm to get a crowd of voters under control.

Diaspora ready to work with Jamaica Labour Party (JLP)
The Jamaican Diasporia community stands ready to work with the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) should it form the Shootgovernment after the final results of yesterday’s general election are announced. That’s the word coming out of United States and Canadian Diasporia organisations.

‘I had to vote’ - Strong presence of elderly, disabled in West Portland
The rain seemingly could not stop the elderly and disabled of West Portlandfrom casting their ballots in yesterday’s general election. Several senior citizens and disabled constituents in party colours were observed being escorted by supporters to various polling stations.

Voters change course despite showers in Western St Thomas
Not even the intermittent showers in Western St. Thomas could keep away 74-year-old Charlie Griffiths, who is physically challenged, from casting his vote yesterday. Griffiths, who is a double amputee, told The Gleaner he stayed away from the polls.

‘Phinn-ished?’ - Cleric’s integrity questioned as election prophecy flops
It is a universally accepted theological standard that the hallmark of a true prophet is that all of his predictions come to pass. Well, if the preliminary victory for the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) in the country’s 15th general election is upheld after a recount.

Smooth sailing for cops in western Jamaica
While some of their counterparts faced stiff challenges from criminal elements, the police in western Jamaica only had minor skirmishes to handle. “We haven’t any complaints of criminal activities.We had a couple of minor incidents that did not affect the polling.

The parties party out west
Not even the threat of a Hurricane Felix could affect the election day festivities and camaraderie demonstrated by the supporters of both major political parties in western Jamaica. Heavy rain pelted the parishes of Trelawny and Westmoreland.

Campaign music blares as voters cast ballot
Despite warnings from the Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ) that no campaigning should take placeon election day, residents of Olympic Gardens in St. Andrew West Central had a whale of a time playing campaign songs for the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP).

Grant gives election thumbs up
President of the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS), Senator Norman Grant, gave the electoral process the thumbs up, describing the general election as a reflection of Jamaica’s “healthy democracy”.Senator Grant said he was pleased with the overall.

Roger reaps sweet results
Roger Clarke, who served as Minister of Agriculture and Lands in the last People’s National Party (PNP) administration, proved too much for the Jamaica Labour Party’s (JLP) Russell Hammond when he won the Central Westmoreland seat yesterday.

Voters ditch Dalley for Broderick
Lawrence ‘Laurie’ Broderick of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) yesterday ousted the 18-year incumbent and People’s National Party (PNP) frontman, Horace Dalley, in North Clarendon. It was not Broderick’s first time trying to sideline the veteran. He tried unsuccessfully in 2002.

Maxine holds off Gordon-Webley challenge
Call her old-fashioned if you wish, but from this day forward, history will record that Maxine Henry-Wilson has once again retained the tough South-East St.Andrew seat in the Corporate Area for the People’s National Party (PNP), despite threats.

‘Man a Yard’ spanks Lyn
Jamaica Labour Party’s (JLP) Audley Shaw, yesterday steered clear of what would have been the biggest political upset when he defeated People’s National Party (PNP) first-timer Paul Lyn in the run for the Manchester North East seat.

TOO CLOSE TO CALL: South St James hangs in the balance
The pendulum of victory in the Southern St.James seat hangs in the balance as the Electoral Office of Jamaica has held off declaring the winner of the constituency. Reports of a win for the People’s National Party’s (PNP) Derrick Kellier over Jamaica Labour Party.

Douglas digs deep for victory
A veteran of the People’s National Party (PNP), Harry Douglas has again proven his mettle in bringing home another traditional seat for his party. The tactics of the Jamaica Labour Party’s (JLP) candidate, Tarn Peralto, were not savvy enough to send the incumbent Member of Parliament.

CENTRAL MANCHESTER - Electors stay the course
Despite the shifting and changing, this did not harm the People’s National Party (PNP) in Central Manchester as the voters refused to change course and elected Peter Bunting as their MP.

Daily Gleaner Election News, Monday September 3

Monday, September 3rd, 2007

monday.jpegJudgement Day - Political careers on the line as nation goes to polls
History hinges on a monumental vote today as Jamaicans go to the polls to elect a new government to manage the country’s affairs for the next five years and determine the destiny of its major political leaders.

Triple-treat election coverage
The Gleaner’s media entities have come together to provide the most comprehensive election coverage in Jamaica on radio, in print and online.

Gleaner Editors’ Forum - Who will win the youth vote?
THE BATTLE is on today to capture the hearts of young Jamaican voters and have the results reflected in the ballot box.

Nightmare for election workers

Several election-day workers, disgusted by accommodation arrangements at the Mico University College where they were to overnight yesterday, walked out on the institution.

Do or die for both leaders

WITH BOTH leaders having been elevated to their respective positions to secure victory for their party in the elections, failure at the polls may end their political careers, analysts say.

‘Ballots safe’

The Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ) is seeking to assure the public that no one is able to verify how the police, the military or election-day workers voted on August 28, saying that the ballots remain in a very secure location.

Triple murder raises tensions
Tension and fear gripped sections of South East St. Andrew and South East St. Elizabeth on the weekend, hours before the general election.

Jamaica watching ‘Felix’ factor
Tropical storm conditions could affect voter turnout today as fierce ‘Felix’, a Category Five system and the second named hurricane of the Atlantic season, hurtles towards the Yucatan Peninsula.

Ballots rule over bullets
Chairman of the Electoral Commission, Prof. Errol Miller, yesterday signalled a warning to candidates and electors that fraud or intimidation would not be tolerated in today’s general election.

Seats to watch tonight
Keep your eyes on these seats tonight! These 20 seats could decide which party wins Jamaica’s 15th elections since universal adult suffrage in 1944.

West Rural St. Andrew - ‘We need better housing, better water supply system’

The constituency of West Rural St. Andrew is as varied in its terrain and housing units as it is in its people.

Trade union split in the offing

A MAJOR split in the country’s trade union movement appears likely in the wake of thecontentious general election campaign.

Daily Gleaner Election News, Sunday September 2

Sunday, September 2nd, 2007

2sept2007frt-copy.jpgJLP favourite - Golding’s party may win 32 seats or more, Portia’s PNP could force tie
The Bruce Golding-led Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) appears on course to win Jamaica’s 15th general election in which 1.3 million electors will choose 60 members to sit in the House of Representatives tomorrow.

‘We’ve done enough to win - PNP’s Robertson

DESPITE recent opinion polls showing the ‘Portia Train’ running out of steam metres away from the finish line, People’s National Party (PNP) campaign director, Dr. Paul Robertson, seems convinced that the party has done enough work to make it into the winners’ enclosure.

Drawn result is a possibility
As the two major political parties race down the stretch towards the finish line, some analysts are suggesting there could be a tie.

Election victories
The following are seat counts in general elections held in Jamaica since Universal Adult suffrage in 1944 …

Daraine’s campaign log - Trailing the Portia Train
AFTER 13 weeks trailing the ‘Portia Train’, I have witnessed the mood of the People’s National Party (PNP) swing from buoyancy to cautious optimism.

Edmond’s campaign log - JLP took message of change islandwide

On July 26, 2006, the JLP oiled its election machinery and hit the campaign trail - a journey that started with a five-day tour of major towns across the island.

All in the family
It is well known that several of our politicians from both sides of the divide are related, whether by blood or marriage. Our political history is replete with it.

Samuda wants voting delayed in two areas
The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) has recommended to the Electoral Commission the postponement of voting in two polling divisions in Central Manchester.

Manchester killings political - PNP
The People’s National Party (PNP) is claiming that the killings in the community of Georges Valley in Manchester, on Friday night, were politically motivated and are among a series of attacks aimed at the party in the build-up to the election.

How can an election be voided?
An election can be voided if activities occur in that polling station which could influence the results. The Constituted Authority may apply to the Election Court for the voiding of the election results on one or more of the following grounds.

Safe seats
A list of seats that are expected to return sitting candidate or party.

Long-serving MPs could be blown out of their seats

AN ANTI-INCUMBENCY breeze is churning across Jamaica and many long-serving and popular Members of Parliament are in danger of being blown away to the political garbage heap.

Both parties calling for continuity
Over the last couple of weeks, the Caribbean Policy Research Institute (CaPRI) and the Gleaner have engaged in a detailed analysis of the manifestos of the Jamaica Labour Party and People’s National Party.

Attack ads increase in last lap
As the advertising campaign for the September 3 general election drew to a close this weekend, both the People’s National Party (PNP) and Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) intensified the ‘air war’ with a barrage of attack ads on both party leaders.

Daily Gleaner Gleaner election news, Saturday September 1

Saturday, September 1st, 2007

layout1_1_pjqu6jamaicavlm.jpg‘Gun dens’ Seven constituencies on police radar - South East St. Andrew West Central St. Andrew South East St. Elizabeth West Rural St. Andrew West Portland North Central Clarendon West St. Thomas
The police have put seven constituencies on their radar as areas of concern for election day, warning that guns remain in the communities.

How would a new PNP Cabinet look?
There will be a shake-up of sorts in the Cabinet if Portia Simpson Miller gets her own mandate when Jamaicans go to the polls next Monday, September 3. But, for those calling for sweeping changes, that will not happen. The fact is, after 18 years in office, the PNP has grown stale and has seemingly ran out of options.

No future for depressed communities
A FEW of the familiar areas that make up the St. Andrew Western constituency are Duhaney Park, Seaview Gardens and Waterhouse.

CARICOM observer at ease with election preparations

The CARICOM electoral observer mission to Jamaica is reporting that it is satisfied with the state of readiness of the electoral machinery in the run-up to the general election on Monday.

Allegiance lawsuit filed
The first lawsuit challenging the alleged dual citizenship of a Jamaica Labour Party candidate was filed yesterday in the Supreme Court.

Expect heavy rains on election day
With the general elections scheduled for Monday, September 3, following an earlier postponement because of the passage of Hurricane Dean on August 19, the island could experience more showers come Monday, when the sixth tropical depression of the season is expected to pass over the country’s south coast.

Parties denounce all acts of political violence
The Two main political parties contesting Monday’s general election have denounced all acts of political violence.

Wear colours but no images
WITH SUPPORTER exuberance expected to be at fever-pitch on election day Monday, the Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ) and the Electoral Commission (EC) have taken steps to ensure the safety of its staff.

JLP campaign organiser attacked
Jamaica Labour Party campaign organiser for South East St. Elizabeth, Jeremy Palmer, considers himself ‘lucky to be alive’, after gunmen invaded his house and shot at him, sending him diving through a window for safety.

Daily Gleaner Election News, Friday August 31

Friday, August 31st, 2007

friday2.jpeg‘Ban them’ - Decision on political meetings pending
Facing a ban on campaigning in three parishes, the two major political parties yesterday began seeking new venues to stage their respective final public meetings before the general elections on Monday.

Parties clash in Westmoreland
The reign of political peace in Westmoreland ended about 5:00 p.m. Wednesday in the small Whitehouse district of Gordon, when the two candidates for Westmoreland Eastern clashed in what some described as a brawl.

The makings of a Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Cabinet

The night of Monday, September 3 will bring an end to all speculations as to which of the two major political parties will receive the nod from the electorate and proceed to name a Cabinet to run the affairs of the country.

Eastern Hanover: Improvement in tourism not enough
In Eastern Hanover, a constituency which statistics show is rife with unemployment, citizens say the candidate taking up the mantle as Member of Parliament after election day will have to address that problem with a sense of urgency, and revamp agriculture.

North Western Manchester: Hilly terrain causes water problems
The constituency of Manchester North Western is said to be one of the largest in Jamaica and is bordered by Troy in Trelawny to the north, Greenvale in Central Manchester to the east, Dunrobin and Pepper in St. Elizabeth to the south and Hibernia in Manchester and Epping Forest to the west.

East Rural St Andrew - Development desired
The constituency of East Rural St. Andrew is large and varied. Comprising five electoral divisions, the north is dominated by the foothills of the Blue Mountains in Gordon Town and Mavis Bank divisions. The Kintyre division is sandwiched between these divisions and the southern coastal divisions of Harbour View and Dallas.

North Central Clarendon - Road woes hurt constituency’s agriculture
The North Central Clarendon constituency consists of three parish council divisions - Chapelton, Rock River and Mocho. There are 92 polling divisions in the constituency; Chapelton has 40, Rock River has 29 and Mocho 23.