Daily Gleaner Election News, Monday September 3

Written by JamaicaElections.com

monday.jpegJudgement Day - Political careers on the line as nation goes to polls
History hinges on a monumental vote today as Jamaicans go to the polls to elect a new government to manage the country’s affairs for the next five years and determine the destiny of its major political leaders.

Triple-treat election coverage
The Gleaner’s media entities have come together to provide the most comprehensive election coverage in Jamaica on radio, in print and online.

Gleaner Editors’ Forum - Who will win the youth vote?
THE BATTLE is on today to capture the hearts of young Jamaican voters and have the results reflected in the ballot box.

Nightmare for election workers

Several election-day workers, disgusted by accommodation arrangements at the Mico University College where they were to overnight yesterday, walked out on the institution.

Do or die for both leaders

WITH BOTH leaders having been elevated to their respective positions to secure victory for their party in the elections, failure at the polls may end their political careers, analysts say.

‘Ballots safe’

The Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ) is seeking to assure the public that no one is able to verify how the police, the military or election-day workers voted on August 28, saying that the ballots remain in a very secure location.

Triple murder raises tensions
Tension and fear gripped sections of South East St. Andrew and South East St. Elizabeth on the weekend, hours before the general election.

Jamaica watching ‘Felix’ factor
Tropical storm conditions could affect voter turnout today as fierce ‘Felix’, a Category Five system and the second named hurricane of the Atlantic season, hurtles towards the Yucatan Peninsula.

Ballots rule over bullets
Chairman of the Electoral Commission, Prof. Errol Miller, yesterday signalled a warning to candidates and electors that fraud or intimidation would not be tolerated in today’s general election.

Seats to watch tonight
Keep your eyes on these seats tonight! These 20 seats could decide which party wins Jamaica’s 15th elections since universal adult suffrage in 1944.

West Rural St. Andrew - ‘We need better housing, better water supply system’

The constituency of West Rural St. Andrew is as varied in its terrain and housing units as it is in its people.

Trade union split in the offing

A MAJOR split in the country’s trade union movement appears likely in the wake of thecontentious general election campaign.

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