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JLP claiming 34 seats
The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) is this afternoon claiming that its seat count has been pushed to 34 following yesterday’s general election.

But the Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ) is rejecting those reports.

The EOJ says it expects to complete the recounting of the ballots by Thursday night.

Director of Elections Danville Walker says the South St. James seat has been lost by the PNP’s Derrick Kellier to the JLP’s Noel Donaldson.

The JLP is now also claiming that its candidate Donovan Hamilton has won the West Hanover seat that was announced for the PNP’s Ian Hayels.

The other marginal constituencies being recounted are: East and West Hanover, Central Manchester and South East St. Mary.

The ballots for the 55 other constituencies are being recounted in the respective centres across the island.

An EOJ official told The Gleaner/Power 106 News that the decision was made to have the re-count of the marginal constituencies in Kingston because of the potential for violence.

The preliminary count indicates that in West Hanover, the PNP’s Ian Hayles polled 7,116 votes to the 7,o69 by the JLP’s Donovan Hamilton.

In East Hanover, the PNP’s D.K. Duncan received 6,053 votes to the 5,996 polled for the JLP’s Barrington Grey. The JLP is claiming to have won this seat.

In Central Manchester, the PNP’s Peter Bunting edged out the JLP’s Sally Porteous by polling 8,460 to her 8,253.

And in South East St. Mary, the PNP’s Harry Douglas polled 6,960 votes to the 6,914 received by Tarn Peralto of the JLP.

The Labourites also say their candidate Barrington Grey won the Eastern Hanover seat that was declared for D.K Duncan last night.

CARICOM Observers too

CACRICOM election observers have reported that yesterday’s General Election was transparent and peaceful.

Head of the eight-member observer team Gerald Watt said the the management of the polling stations was generally efficient. But he says the administrative competence of some Presiding Officers was below the acceptable level.

Police on alert
The Police High Command says it has deployed more security personnel in communities affected by violence.

Police reported several crimes across the Corporate Area following the announcement of the preliminary results of the national polls yesterday.

They have also confirmed that two soldiers were shot and injured last night in Mountain View, St. Andrew and Arnold Road, Kingston.

A house was reportedly firebombed and gunshots fired at civilians and police personnel in the community of Woodford Park in South East St. Andrew.

There were also reports of shots being fired in downtown Kingston, Central Kingston, Windward Road, South Camp Road and Spanish Town Road.

Police have also asked the Jamaica Defense Force (JDF) to help to quell the violence.

C0mmissioner appeals to JLP/PNP
Police Commissioner Lucius Thomas says he has consulted with leadership figures in both political parties who have agreed to appeal to their supporters to maintain law and order.

The Police High Command is asking political supporters to stay off the streets and report any unlawful activity.

Curfew to be lifted
A curfew that was imposed in the troubled Mountain View Avenue community of South East St. Andrew is to be lifted with by 6 p.m.

The boundaries of the curfew run east from Olivia Road to 100 Lane and West on Deanery Road between Deanery Avenue and Langston Road.

The northern boundary runs along Deanery Avenue and 100 Lane to the foot of Warika Hills.

While they southern boundary takes in, Langston Road, Hildene Avenue and Olivia Road.

That curfew followed the killing of three persons on Deanery Avenue on Friday night.

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