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New government
The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) has committed to unifying the country when it takes office.

The preliminary count following yesterday’s election shows the JLP with 31 seats and the People’s National Party (PNP) with 29.

JLP Leader Bruce Golding told party supporters last night that yesterday’s victory for his party was also a victory for Jamaica.

Mr. Golding says the final tally of seats will be declared after today’s recount.

He also said the JLP lost three seats by less than 100 votes in the very close election. Mr. Golding said unifying the country could eliminate political violence.

He also said there are many challenges, which the Government must confront once it takes office.

Portia yet to concede
PNP President and Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller has refused to concede defeat to the JLP following yesterday’s closely contested general election in which 31 seats were declared for the JLP and 29 for the PNP.

Addressing party supporters at the PNP’s Old Hope Road headquarters last night Mrs. Simpson Miller declared that the party would await a recount scheduled for today.

She said there were a number of incidents that happened at some constituencies and also claimed that some persons were denied their right to vote.

The PNP President also said she had evidence of persons campaigning in breach of electoral regulations and buying votes.

She further appealed to party stalwarts to remain peaceful.

Danville Walker of the EOJ on election result
Meanwhile Director of Elections Danville Walker has cautioned the leaders of both political parties to show responsible leadership while a recount of the ballots is carried out.

Mr. Walker says it could take some time before a new leader is sworn in given the closeness of the results.

The head of the Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ) the process of recounting could take two days, with the possibility of some magisterial recounts. Meanwhile he urged persons to be patient and remain calm as they await the outcome.

He also expressed confidence in the manner in which the polling exercise was carried out by the EOJ. He dismissed Mrs. Simpson Miller’s claim that some people were denied the right to vote, saying that the only persons barred from voting were those ineligible to do so.

CAFFE to give its report
The Citizens’ Action for Free and Fair Election (CAFFE) is expected to disclose its findings on yesterday’s Election Day activities this afternoon at a press briefing.

Last night, Director of CAFFE Fabian Brown said the organisation had in its possession reports from volunteers on all 60 constituencies, however the final assessment and analysis would be made this morning followed by its announcements at 1 p.m.

Yesterday Mr. Brown reported that CAFFE was satisfied with the election proceedings however there were general concerns about violence.

CAFFE was one of three observer groups which monitored the election, fielding 1,505 volunteers across Jamaica. Some CAFFE observers were deployed to specific areas within constituencies while others roved.

Post-election crime
Police have reported several incidents of crime across the Corporate Area following the announcement of the preliminary results of the national polls.

They have confirmed that two soldiers were shot and injured last night in Mountain View, St. Andrew and Arnold Road, Kingston.

A house was reportedly firebombed and gunshots fired at civilians and police in the community of Woodford Park in South East St. Andrew.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Charles Scarlet said police personnel are in some of these areas as part of the security force’s post election strategy.

There were also reports of shots being fired in downtown Kingston, Central Kingston, Windward Road, South Camp Road and the Spanish Town Road area.

Police confirmed that the Mobile Reserve compound on South Camp Road was attacked by gunmen who fired a barrage of gunshots at the premises for at least 30 minutes.

However police said there were no injuries.

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