JLP maintains YouTube attacks on PNP

Written by Ross Sheil

The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) is continuing its series of television advertisements attacking the reputation of Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller and her People’s National Party (PNP).

‘Life in Portia’s Constituency’ is the latest clip to be posted by the JLP in their seemingly relentless campaign on video-sharing website YouTube.com.

Other videos have been posted on their YouTube channel including ‘Lie Dem Lie’ and ‘The Frustrated Farmer’. ‘Don’t Draw Mi Tongue’ is now their most popular video with over 20,000 views, surpassing the earlier ‘Not Changing Course’ advertisement.

The PNP is yet to post any videos to YouTube but webmaster David White says they will do soon. Meanwhile one user of the site has posted a clip of the PNP’s ‘Straight From The Horse’s Mouth’ advertisement’.

Another user has also posted clips from the leadership debate between Mrs. Simpson Miller and JLP Leader Bruce Golding and the finance/economics debate between Finance Minister Omar Davies and Opposition Spokesman Audley Shaw.

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