Seven-Star General defends the PM’s

Written by Kerry-Ann Bercher

Deejay Horace ‘L.A.’ Lewis, the self-proclaimed ‘Seven-Star General’, has weighed into the ‘Sevens’ controversy.


L.A. was keen to defend Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller who was criticised for repeatedly mentioning the number seven and its Biblical significance during her speech to announce the election on August 27, at a People’s National Party (PNP) rally in Half-Way Tree, St. Andrew on Sunday.

“I are the seven!” pronounced the deejay who is still better known for his efforts of self-promotion; rather than the musical career he is promoting. He said he empathised with Mrs. Simpson Miller since when he choose his own ‘Seven’ tag, others in the music industry responded that it was a number associated with Satan.

Photo by Kerry-Ann Bercher: Horace ‘L.A.’ Lewis

“Just as how God made the world in six days and rested on the seventh day, election day is perfect timing,” said L.A.

In typical unconventional fashion he suggested she should follow his example in the music industry and bridge the political divide by forming an alliance with retired Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) leader Edward Seaga – the two politicians are thought to have a mutual respect, although Mr. Seaga is retired.

“You know what I think? If Portia and Seaga work together, nothing can hold back Jamaica. Just like how Bounty Killer is the Five-Star General and I am the Seven-Star General and Bounty is the head of the Alliance and I am the head of the Federation, but we are still in the same army and we work together same way,” he said.

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