Daily Gleaner election news, Sunday August 12

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sun20070812.jpgBruce, hands down - PM short on facts, Opposition Leader more convincing
The two persons seeking to lead the country after the August 27 General Election - Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller and Opposition Leader Bruce Golding - clashed in a leadership debate last night; and, according to analysts, Golding was more comfortable and convincing in addressing the issues.

PNP outlines plans for education reform
If it succeeds in forming the next government, the People’s National Party (PNP) says it will implement some key recommendations by the Task Force on Educational Reform to better prepare students for the labour market.

Any foreigners in the House? Some party candidates said to possess dual citizenship
At lest one politician may have occupied Jamaica’s Parlia-ment even though the person may not have been qualified to so do, and at least seven are lining up to do the same after the August 27 general election, The Sunday Gleaner has learned.

POLITICAL AD WATCH - Attack ads on the increase
With the campaign for the August 27 general election now in its final phase, both major political parties seem to be stepping up their advertising attacking the character and capability of the opposing leaders.

Education the top priority

In the next two weeks, we will be looking closely at what the two major political parties are saying, specifically at their manifestos. We want to probe these documents, weigh them side by side, cost them, take a close look at what has been included and what has been omitted, then discuss the implications these might have for Jamaica as we peek at the policies that will likely shape our future.

Education to change political mindset
Support for political parties in Jamaica has been referred to as a cult, with some supporters lacking the maturity to make informed decisions not entirely based on preference or tradition.

Political murder in Yallahs, says PNP

In the latest of a string of accusations by the two major political parties, the People’s National Party (PNP) is labelling as political, the shooting death of one of its members, Selvin Green, of Yallahs in St. Thomas.

POLITICAL UNDERDOGS - White confident of victory against Baugh
Homer White has identified the suit he plans to wear down Duke Street, Kingston, after the August 27 general election. He says he will be elected to Parliament to represent West Central St. Catherine even though the results of the last general election there would suggest that he is an underdog.

Richards says Parliament is within reach

If you regard nearly 3,000 votes as a safe majority in politics, chances are Lennon Richards will think you are crazy. He tells The Sunday Gleaner he is going to win Central St. Mary, a constituency that has been loyal to the People’s National Party (PNP) since Independence.

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