Debates are over … which party convinced you?

Written by Ross Sheil

The nation has just watched People’s National Party (PNP) President Portia Simpson Miller and Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Leader Bruce Golding complete the final installment of three national political debates.

Mrs. Simpson Miller highlighted her own attributes and record as Prime Minister as reasons to vote PNP on Election Day, August 27. Mr. Golding continued to stress that the nation had underperformed under the PNP and that the JLP would increase investment.

The two leaders clashed on several issues including trust and corruption. However both leaders addressed each other on first name terms toward the end of the debate when Mrs. Simpson Miller approached Mr. Golding to embrace and kiss him.

What is your response to this and the previous two debates? Did they sway or convince you to vote for either the PNP or the JLP? Have your say and comment below.

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