‘Validity issue misleading voters’ - EOJ

Written by Ross Sheil

Director of Elections Danville Walker has written to the media to warn about what he said were attempts to mislead voters by challenging the validity of candidates.

The People’s National Party (PNP) has alleged that seven Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) candidates of being citizens of other countries, which if true, would make them ineligible to take their seats in Parliament, if elected.


Photo by Andrew Smith, Photography Editor: On Nomination Day, August 7, these Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) supporters of their candidate for the West Portland constituency, Daryl Vaz, dressed up this goat in an Abe Dabdoub t-shirt, his People’s National Party (PNP) rival for the seat. Political Ombudsman Bishop Herro Blair previously had to intervene to calm tensions between the two candidates - Mr. Dabdoub today filed a lawsuit against Mr. Vaz.

PNP candidate for West Portland Abe Dabdoub this morning filed a lawsuit against his JLP rival Daryl Vaz, based on the same allegation. Earlier this month, PNP Chairman Robert Pickersgill wrote to the Chairman of the Electoral Commission of Jamaica, Professor Errol Miller asking him to investigate the reports of dual citizenship.

Mr. Walker referred to a previous release issued by his office on the issue and reiterated that all 146 candidates have been properly nominated to the satisfaction of the Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ) and would have their ballots printed for nomination day.

“The public is asked to be aware that persons are apparently seeking to mislead electors that votes cast for certain candidates will be wasted. This is False. Electors are encouraged to go out and vote on election day,” he said.

He reminded that persons convicted of issuing false information to persuade voters not to vote for a candidate, would be liable for fines of between $50,000 - $200,000 or imprisonment if they fail to pay.

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