Power 106 election news, Monday August 27

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CAFFE Ready again
Election watchdog group, Citizens for a Free and Fair Elections (CAFFE) says it is ready for the upcoming general election on Monday, September 3.

According to CAFFE director Nancy Anderson, training for volunteers in preparation for next Monday will end tomorrow before their deployment:

Earlier this month CAFFE indicated that it acquired half of the 2,000 volunteers needed.

However, while not being able to give the current number of volunteers now in place, Mrs. Anderson said there has been a significant improvement:

Bruce clarifies
JLP Leader, Bruce Golding is seeking to clarify statements he made claiming that the Police Commissioner Lucius Thomas was not in favour of the recent State of Public Emergency.

Mr. Golding is claiming that he did not reveal certain key information at a press conference when he made the statement about the Commissioner.

This could have resulted in a misrepresentation of the Commissioner’s view on the State of Emergency.

The state of emergency was lifted on Friday, shortly after it was announced that the Election Day would be on September 3.

Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller later said she advised the Governor General to lift the state of emergency after receiving word from the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) that power had been restored to more than 50 per cent of the country.

PM defends state of emergency
Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller has again defended her decision to impose a State of Public Emergency following the passage of Hurricane Dean.

Mrs. Simpson Miller told PNP supporters in Sav-la-mar last night that her action was responsible.

She said she had to call for a state of emergency as part of measures to prevent looting, given that the country was without electrical power.

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