Power 106FM election news, Friday August 24

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Election announcement today

The country could hear today when the general election is to be held.

The election was previously scheduled for Monday, August 27.

However following the passage of Hurricane Dean, the Electoral Commission recommended a postponement which has been agreed on by the Cabinet.

The authorities had earlier blundered when the Commission sent its recommendation directly to the governor general.

The recommendation for the postponement of the election should have been submitted to the Cabinet for consideration before it was sent to the governor general for approval.

Information Minister Donald Buchanan told The Gleaner/Power 106 News this morning that a decision on the new date for the polls has since been reached following an emergency meeting of the Cabinet and subsequent meetings, which were held this week.

Mr. Buchanan said the Cabinet decision was conveyed to the Governor General by the Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Carlton Davis.

He also said it was likely that the new date could be announced today.

It was earlier reported that the Electoral Commission had recommended that the election be postponed from August 27.

Reports had also indicated that the new date could be September 3.

However Mr. Buchanan declined to say whether there was any change in the date recommended by the Electoral Commission noting that the governor general would make the announcement at the appropriate time.

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