Poll says JLP closing on PNP: your response?

Written by Ross Sheil

pollfinish.jpgToday’s Gleaner/Bill Johnson poll has the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), with a two per cent difference, closing on the People’s National Party (PNP) who have remained static with 40 per cent since the last poll in July.

The JLP have climbed from 34 to 38 per cent in that time. But with an error margin of plus or minor error of three per cent the results could be maintained as a lead for the JLP - which is the opinion of JLP General Secretary Karl Samuda.

However Mr. Samuda refused to give credence to our polls, which the JLP has consistently opposed. He reiterated that the JLP’s polls have put them ahead of the PNP but declined to reveal their results.

“The Gleaner polls? Quite frankly we don’t comment on them,” he said. “It’s in part confirming what we know, which is that we are in position to win the next election with a comfortable working majority.”

PNP General Secretary Donald Buchanan was equally adamant and expressed no concern at the narrowing poll results.

“The People’s National Party is ahead and the People’s National Party is very comfortable that this will be reflected in a win at the polls on August 27,” said Mr. Buchanan.

What’s your view on the poll? Do the JLP have the momentum or will the PNP stay the course? Have your say and comment below.

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