Red Hills painted green and orange

Written by Kerry-Ann Bercher


Photos by Jermaine Evans and Kerry-Ann Bercher: political graffiti in the constituency of North Central St. Andrew, along Red Hills Road.

The ‘Silly Season’ is most definitely upon us, now that Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller has set August 27 as Election Day. Political graffiti, daubed on public and private property, is increasing as the big day approaches. This week Gleaner Online chanced upon a glaring example in the constituency of North Central St. Andrew, along the busy Red Hills Road.

‘CASSIE TO THE END, ‘JLP SAMMO RULE CASSIE’ and ‘CASSIE NUH PRE NUH CHAT!’ are some of the slogans you will see spray painted on walls, homes, and businesses in support of the People’s National Party (PNP) and the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) along the road. Flags and banners in the green of the JLP and the orange of the PNP are also being used to clearly define the ‘political turf’.

Such graffiti, besides being illegal also contravenes the Political Code of Conduct, which has been agreed to by both the main parties.


When contacted incumbent Member of Parliament, Karl Samuda expressed surprise that the Avenue bearing his name, had received enthusiastic amounts of green paint from supporters. Mr. Samuda - or ‘Sammo’ as he is referred to in the graffiti - said he would take steps to have it buffed out.

At the time of writing PNP caretaker Christopher Munroe could not be reached on the issue.

Separating the rival political zones is a bus stop, located a feet away from the Sunrise Supermarket, which provides a border marker. On and around the bus stop party signs were overwritten by supporters of the other party.

But with less than five weeks to go before the election, residents shrugged off the inconvenience of the graffiti. It was ‘politics as usual’.

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