Mayor Milton Brown - a true achiever

Written by Kerry-Ann Bercher

miltonbrown.jpgClarendon Mayor Milton Brown is a true achiever. Among his many accomplishments, Mayor Brown has completed an honours degree in Electrical Engineering and attained a diploma in education for Mathematics at the University of the West Indies (UWI).

Growing up, he was always known as an analytical individual and he saw politics as an opportunity to address problems affecting persons around him.

“The major issues affecting Clarendon now are bad drains, bad roads and lack of proper water supply, which we are working on. However, what I can say has been our greatest achievement so far is the parish’s beautification project, traffic signs are 80 percent complete, and the social wellness of the citizens has improved. I am also proud of the fact that there are 11 members from both the Opposition and the Government parties working together as one.”

Mayor Brown predicts a handsome win for the Jamaica Labour Party in today’s Local-Government Elections.

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