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The ruling Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) have won the local government elections, which electoral officials say had a 42 percent voter turnout.

The JLP won nine of the 13 parish councils, but lost Manchester and Hanover to the opposition Peoples’ National Party (PNP).

Following the 2003 polls, the PNP retained Westmoreland council and the Portmore municipality. Preliminary results indicate that the PNP’s incumbent Mayoral candidate George Lee won the municipality by 27 votes over the JLP’s Keith Hinds.

However, in St. Ann a tie was declared with both the JLP and PNP, winning eight divisions each in the 16-seat council.

In Central Manchester, the JLP’s Sally Porteous won the Mandeville Division over the PNP’s Jones Oliphant. The party also triumphed in St Mary where it won 10 of the 13 divisions.

Joyce Young of the JLP lost the Duhaney Park division of the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation (KSAC) to the PNP’s Kevin Taylor.

Election recount on…
The official recounting of ballots are now underway at centres islandwide following yesterday’s parish council elections.

The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) had won nine councils and the PNP three, while the St. Ann Parish Council declared a tie with eight divisions each.

Director of Elections Danville Walker announced that the recounts would be completed by Friday.

St. Ann results…
Former mayor of St. Ann’s Bay, Delroy Giscombe announced that the parties would have to find an amicable way to conduct the business of the council. His statement follows the tie in the local government elections. “The JLP councillors have much work to do among the residents of St. Ann” he said.

The JLP who enjoyed a two-seat majority in the previous council, lost two of its sitting councillors.

Lurline Robinson, councillor for the Lime Hall Division, lost to newcomer Desmond Gilmour. While, PNP newcomer, Ian Bell, defeated Conrad Coombs for the Beecher Town Division.

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